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Located 35 miles west of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the fertile Assiniboine River soils, Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. is a wholesale nursery that specializes in hardy, northern grown nursery stock for garden centres, growers, landscapers, and urban city tree requirements.

We are a family run business that is dedicated to the continued growth of our production, facility, and team of talented individuals.

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Founded by Wilbert and Sharon Ronald in 1982, this family owned wholesale operation has since grown from a small retail garden centre to become one of Manitoba’s largest nurseries. Under our Northern Garden Collection brand, we strive to provide quality plants across Western Canada, Ontario, and the northern states of the USA.

Currently this is over 200+ acres of filed production in both bare root tree liners and wire basketed trees and evergreens; as well as our 40 acres of container shrub and tree production. Our container tree production includes innovative pot in pot and large containers up to 25 gal. Our greenhouse production has expanded to over 65,000 square feet specializing in perennials, bud and bloom roses, hanging baskets, herbs, and annual production. Our tree and shrub seed program supplies nursery seed across North America.

As a company we strive to be a leader in plant improvement through research and innovation for Canada and the northern States area. As a result, over 40 new plants have been introduced to the market. Research has been directed towards overcoming disease problems such as Dutch Elm Disease, Bronze Leaf Disease of aspens, and Black Knot Disease of purple leafed cherries. We have worked with government to complete discontinued Monarda, lily, and poplar breeding programs. We strongly support our own Research and Development programs and those in adjacent provinces and States. We also support the landscape and gardening sector by sponsorship of Communities in Bloom, the Prairie Garden and lending support to numerous allied groups.

Our Plant Introductions

Successful plants for the northern plains and prairies require winter hardiness levels not necessary in most populated areas of the world. Tolerance to dry, alkaline soils, fluctuating temperatures, and short frost free seasons are also crucial requirements. Consumer trends and demands have evolved to include the need for smaller trees to meet the compact lot sizes, seedless male trees to avoid the weediness of some species, and most importantly resistance to the pest and disease issues which may have arisen over the last 50 years.

Our company’s breeding work reflects the efforts of Rick Durand (former staff member) and Philip Ronald who have helped lead the R & D activities over most of the past 30 years. Michel Touchette, of our company, has been active in rose breeding evaluation and assisting in the introduction and promotion of new Canadian roses. The world-class Monarda consortium introductions trace to the work of Henry Marshall and Lynn Collicutt (Morden Research Centre), the lily introductions to the work of Wilbert Ronald and Lynn Collicutt (Morden Research Centre) and Pink Beauty and Mango Tango Potentilla to the work of Professor Louis Lenz and his students (University of Manitoba).

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Company History

Jeffries Nurseries Ltd., was first started in 1978 from vacant farm land by the late Mr. Ernie Jeffries and his wife Edith. In 1978, the management and ownership passed to Wilbert and Sharon Ronald. The home nursery consists of about 105 acres of land. The site is well sheltered by native forest, similar to that which grew on our land 50 years ago before it was cleared. Gutter connected greenhouse space was first constructed in 1994. Many new additions have been made since with the current space totaling over 65,000 square feet. Four free standing Quonsets of 14,000 square feet are used for spring production of tender plants and summer crops.

To expand the land base for shrubs, the former Portage Plains Nursery was purchased in May 1985. Extensive renovations including removal of overgrown stock and shelterbelts continued until about 1992. This well sheltered 45 acres of sandy loam is our main area for budding and for our seedling plantings. Adjacent acreage at the Boulet farm (20 acres), was first rented and then purchased in 1995. The Dyck farm (30 acres), and Chiponski farm (15 acres) completed our acreage until the purchase of the Portage farm (78 acres) in 2003. The Portage farm provides 50 acres of usable land for caliper trees. Our newest land addition is the Leslie farm (40 acres), which was purchased in 2021.  Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. also has additional stock grown in Ontario and B.C., giving us a wider range of cultivars for sale.