Asiatic Lily

Lilium asiatica


Easy to grow, early blooming and very hardy. Flowers open wide, either upfacing or outfacing.

Light Needs: Full Sun to Part Shade │ Blooms: June to July │ Hardiness Zone: 3



Blacklist – Dark burgundy, almost black. Height: 14″

Curitiba – Cream with maroon center and edges. Height: 18″

Fata Morgana – Double, soft yellow, light spotted, pollen free. Height: 36″

Forever SusanPlum centers with vibrant orange tips. Height: 14″

Ladylike – Soft peachy-pink, yellow centers. Height: 14″

Nutcracker – Orange with black flecks, tetraploid. Height: 36″

Summer Scarlet – Clear red flowers. Height: 18″

Summer Sky – Clear pink with bright yellow centres. Height: 18″

Summer SnowLarge 7″ clear white flowers. Height: 18″

Summer Sun – Large 8″ clear yellow flowers. Height: 18″

Tiny BeeBright yellow, black spotted centers. Height: 12-14″

Tiny Diamond – Bicolour flowers; rose-red, white centers. Height: 12-14″

Tiny Dino – Vibrant orange flowers. Height: 12-14″

Tiny Epic – Dark burgundy flower centers, creamy-yellow tips. Height: 14″

Tiny Ink – Dark burgundy flower centers, red tips. Height: 14″

Tiny Moon – Salmon-peach. Height: 12″

Tiny Poems – Two-toned, raspberry pink with burgundy. Height: 14″

Tiny Ranger – Very large, bright yellow flowers. Height: 12″

Tiny Shadow – Burnt orange with dark maroon center. Height: 12″

Tiny Toons – Pink with orange tinted centers. Height: 12″