Canna Lily

Canna x generalis


Height: 24-36″ │ Light Needs: Full Sun to Part Shade │ Hardiness Zone: 7



Cannova® Bronze PeachLarge bronze-burgundy leaves, peach flowers.

Cannova® Bronze ScarletLarge bronze-burgundy leaves, dark red-scarlet flowers.

Cannova® MangoSalmon-coloured blooms tops lush, green foliage.

Cannova® Orange Shades Spikes of orange flowers with yellow centers, large green leaves.

Cannova® ScarletSpikes of red flowers, green foliage.

Cannova® RoseSpikes of rose flowers, large blue-green pointy leaves.

Cannova® Red Golden Flame Spikes of red flowers, edged in yellow, green foliage.

Cannova® YellowBright yellow flowers, large green pointy leaves.

Images courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company.