Casino Apricot

Prunus x ‘DurGarfield’


A hardy apricot that produces meaty and smooth tasting fruit, which is great for eating fresh or jams and jellies. Fruit is golden yellow and ripens in August. Produce more reliably when pollinated by other apricots or Nanking Cherry. Due to their early bloom time, apricot blossoms are susceptible to spring frost damage. Planting apricot trees in a site with limited afternoon heating (e.g. east side of an evergreen shelterbelt) will postpone flowering and increase the probability of fruit set. Image 2 taken at Riverbend Orchards.



Height: 10-15′

Spread: 10′

Light Needs: Full Sun

Hardiness Zone: 3

Foliage Colour: Green

Fall Foliage: Yellow

Growth Habit: Upright, Spreading

Flower Colour: White

Blooms: Spring

Fruit Colour: Orange

Fruit Size: 3-4 cm

Fruit Timing: Ripe Early August

Fruit Use: Cooking, Fresh Eating

Key Features: Edible Fruit, Spring Blooms

Landscape Uses: Accent, Shade, Orchard

Pollination: Pollinator Recommended