Cavendish Strawberry

Fragaria ‘Cavendish’


Originates in Nova Scotia, from a cross between two varieties known for their winter hardiness and attractive, large fruit. It produces high yields that ripen over a long growing season. Highly resistant to red stele and has some resistance to Verticillium wilt. This variety produces one large crop of fruit during a 2-3 week period in early July. Self-pollinating; only one variety required for fruit production.



Height: 4-10″

Spread: 24″

Light Needs: Full Sun

Hardiness Zone: 3

Foliage Colour: Green

Fall Foliage: N/A

Growth Habit: Spreading, Groundcover

Flower Colour: White, Yellow Centers

Blooms: Spring

Fruit Colour: Red

Fruit Size: 13 grams

Fruit Timing: Ripe Early July

Fruit Use: Fresh Eating, Baking, Preserves

Key Features: Edible Fruit (Sweet, Firm), High Yield

Landscape Uses: Groundcover, Borders, Container Planting, Hanging Baskets

Pollination: Self-Pollinating