Early Gold Pear

Pyrus x ‘Jefgold’


A seedling of ‘Ure’ with improved vigour, chlorosis resistance and cold hardiness. Fruit is similar in taste to ‘Ure’ but matures 10 to 14 days earlier. Require cross pollination by another pear cultivar or Ussurian Pear seedling. Images taken at Riverbend Orchards.



Height: 25′

Spread: 20′

Light Needs: Full Sun

Hardiness Zone: 2

Foliage Colour: Green

Fall Foliage: Burgundy

Growth Habit: Oval

Flower Colour: White

Blooms: Spring

Fruit Colour: Golden

Fruit Size: 5 cm

Fruit Timing: Ripe Late August

Fruit Use: Fresh Eating, Cooking, Baking, Canning

Key Features: Edible Fruit, Spring Blooms

Landscape Uses: Accent, Shade, Orchard

Pollination: Requires a Pollinator

Brand: Northern Garden Collection