Garden Phlox

Phlox paniculata


Wonderful clump-forming plants with an exceptional long blooming period. Overhead watering should be avoided and plants should be well-spaced to allow for good air circulation.

Light Needs: Full Sun │ Blooms: July to September│ Hardiness Zone: 3



Bubblegum PinkBubblegum pink, dark pink eye. Height: 18-22″

Coral Improved Flame™Vibrant coral-red. Height: 15-18″

Coral Crème DropCoral with a rosy-pink eye. Height: 18-22″

DavidPure white, fragrant, 2002 Perennial of the Year. Height: 30-36″

Grape LollipopGrape coloured blooms, red eyes. Height: 18-22″

JeannaLavender pink, 2024 Perennial of the Year. Height: 24-30″  NEW

LauraFuchsia-purple, white center, dark eye. Height: 24-30″

OlympusVariegated foliage, mauve-pink flowers. Height: 36″

Pink Flame™  – Fuchsia-pink with a dark pink eye. Height: 15-18″

Purple Improved Flame™ Dark Purple. Height: 15-18″

Red Flame™ Intense red. Height: 15-18″ 

White Eye Flame™Snow white with prominent magenta eye. Height: 15-18″