Hens and Chicks

Sempervivum arachnoideum/tectorum

Height: 2-4″ │ Light Needs: Full Sun │ Blooms: June to August │ Hardiness Zone: 3



Aglow – Olive-green rosettes change to red in summer.

Autumn AppleOlive-green rosettes with burgundy-red margins in cool weather.

Cherry BerryRich red rosettes.

Citris SunriseEach leaf is trimmed by a creamy-white edge, olive-green to red rosettes.

CobwebFine, silvery hairs join together the green leaf tips like a spider web.

Commander HayGreen foliage with deep purple-red tips.

Cosmic CandyRed rosettes with fine, silvery hairs across the tips.

Cranberry CocktailLoose rosettes of red leaves with green tips.

Desert BloomPointy, gray-green leaves flushed with pink.

Director JacobsEye-catching, red cupped foliage, heaving lining of white hairs.

Gold NuggetGolden foliage is tipped in red, changes to green in summer, gold in fall.

KalindaApple green leaves, flushed blood-red at the base.

LimelightLime-green rosettes with pink tips.

Lotus BloomWhite variegated leaves with a hint of blush.

Pacific Blue IceLarge rosettes of gray-blue change to burgundy tone as weather cools.

Pacific Devil’s FoodDeep chocolate-brown rosettes.

Prairie SunsetLavender-purple rosettes.

Purple BeautyRosettes of purplish-red and green centers, pink flowers.

ReinhardEmerald-green rosettes with black-red tips.

Royal RubyRosettes start red, turning green with red margins as they grow. 

Ruby HeartRosettes start red, turning green with red margins as they grow. 

SoftlineSilvery-green rosettes, outer leaves have flushed with reddish-purple at base.

SilverlineSilvery green leaves are flushed with reddish-purple at base.

Silver SuedeMauve-pink rosettes with a silver sheen.

Strawberry KiwiBrilliant red rosettes with green to yellow margins.