Hens and Chicks

Sempervivum arachnoideum/tectorum

Height: 2-4″ │ Light Needs: Full Sun │ Blooms: June to August │ Hardiness Zone: 3



CobwebFine, silvery hairs join together the green leaf tips like a spider web.

Commander HayPurplish-red leaves with pointed, bright green tips.

Fashion DivaBrilliant red rosette with green to yellow margins. 

KalindaApple green leaves, flushed blood-red at the base.

KillerMaroon centers transition to green tips. 

NeptuneMauve-pink rosettes with a silver sheen. 

Pacific Blue IceLarge rosettes of gray-blue change to burgundy tone as weather cools.

Purple BeautyRosettes of purplish-red and green centers, pink flowers.

ReinhardEmerald-green rosettes with black-red tips.

Royal RubyRuby-red to smoky gray-red rosettes. 

Ruby HeartRosettes start red, turning green with red margins as they grow. 

Silver SuedeVelvety, silvery leaves with a blush of pink. 

UrminaRed rosettes with fine, silvery hairs across the tips. NEW