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Garden Chives – Deep green foliage with purple-pink flowers. Height: 12″

Garlic Chives – Deep green foliage with white flowers. Height: 12″

French Tarragon – New listing for 2022. Long, narrow dark green leaves have a strong mint-licorice flavor. Height: 12″

Coriander/Cilantro – A popular herb, leaves and stocks that can be used as a seasoning condiment. Height: 24″

Lemon Grass – An attractive grass with leaves and stocks that can be used fresh or dried.  Height: 36″

Tall Curry – New listing for 2022. Narrow silver-grey leaves with clusters of yellow flowers in summer. Sprigs can be added to savory dishes. Height: 18″

Apple Mint – Bright green foliage with an apple fragrance, light purple-pink flowers. Height: 24″

Banana Mint – Bright green foliage with an apple fragrance, light purple-pink flowers. Height: 12″

Chocolate Mint – Bronzy, peppermint-like foliage, minty chocolate flavour. Height: 12″

Orange Mint – Combination of orange and mint. Green leaves tinged with red are used in teas, salads, iced drinks. Height: 12″

Sweet Pear Mint – New listing for 2022. Silvery grey foliage gives off a hint of ripe sweet pears. Suitable for tea blends/culinary dishes. Height: 12″

Mojito Mint – Sweet mint flavour useful for drinks and dishes. Height: 12″

Moroccan Mint – New listing for 2022. Light green serrated edged leaves; plant has an upright form. A crisp spearmint flavour. Height: 24″

Boxwood Basil – A compact habit with tiny leaves that resemble a boxwood. It has great fragrance/flavour, useful for pasta, soups and pesto. Height: 8″

Emerald Towers Basil – Upright, columnar habit and great flavour. Height: 24-36″

Everleaf Genovese Basil – Bred for season-long performance and continual harvesting. Perfect for pesto and adding to sauces. Height: 24″

Pesto Perpetuo Basil – New listing for 2022. Upright basil with green-white variegated foliage. Tastes of basil with just a hint of lemon. Height: 24″

Golden Oregano – Bright yellow foliage, very aromatic. Height: 12″

Italian Oregano – Rounded, green foliage is highlighted by pink flowers, intense flavour. Height: 12″

Hot & Spicy Oregano – Rich green round foliage boasts an intense, strong flavour. Height: 18″

Curled Parsley – Popular herb with extremely flavourful, intensely ruffled foliage. Used dried or fresh. Height: 8″

Italian Parsley – Also known as flat-leaf parsley, green serrated leaves with a slight peppery taste. Height: 8″

Rosemary – Gray-green, needle-like foliage with clusters of small, light blue flowers, aromatic. Height: 24″

Barbeque Rosemary – Long, upright stems are perfect for skewering and roasting vegetables and meats on the BBQ. Height: 36″

Honey Melon Sage – Gentle sage flavour with sweet melon scent. Height: 24″

Golden Sage – Light green leaves with golden edges. Lavender-blue flowers. Height: 12-16″

Purple Sage – Purple foliage with small, mauve-blue flowers Used for medicinal purposes. Height: 16″

Tricolor Sage – Tricolored foliage with blue flower spikes. Useful either fresh or dried. Height: 18″

Olive Herb – Compact rounded shape, has a unique aromatic foliage that gives off an amazing scent of olive. Useful for pizza, salads, pasta. Height: 12″

Sweet Leaf Stevia – Sweet leaves of this plant are a nice alternative to sugar. Useful either fresh or dried. Height: 18-24″

English Thyme – Dark gray-green aromatic leaves, pale pink flowers. Useful either fresh or dried. Height: 6-8″