Orientpet Lily

Lilium aurelian x Lillium orientale


These lilies are the result of crosses between Oriental and Trumpet lilies. They produce beautiful flowers that are very fragrant.

These can also produce up to 20 blooms on a single stem.

Light Needs: Full Sun to Part Shade │ Blooms: August to September│ Hardiness Zone: 3



Evening GlowPurplish-pink with a golden yellow center. Height: 24″

Northern Carillon – White, dark red center. Height: 5′

Northern DazzlePendant blooms of orange-yellow, deep crimson red center. Height: 5′

Northern DelightDown-facing, soft melon orange with deepening centers. Height: 5′

Starburst SensationPurplish-red center, cream white tips. Height: 5′