Red River Raspberry

Rubus x ‘Red River’


Another delicious tasting raspberry that is slightly smaller than ‘Double Delight’. Cascading plant form; the height does not exceed 3′. Morden Research Station introduction. Self-pollinating; only one variety required for fruit production.



Height: 3′

Spread: 3′

Light Needs: Full Sun

Hardiness Zone: 2

Foliage Colour: Green

Fall Foliage: N/A

Growth Habit: Cascading

Fruit Colour: Red

Fruit Timing: Ripe Late Summer to Early Fall

Fruit Use: Fresh Eating, Cooking, Preserves, Canning, Freezing

Key Features: Edible Fruit (Sweet, Juicy), Large Fruit Size

Landscape Uses: Mass Planting, Naturalizing, Orchard

Pollination: Self-Pollinating