Rescue Applecrab

Malus x ‘Rescue’


Small fruit is very sweet for eating fresh and good for canning. Ripens in late August. The tree is very productive. Developed at the research station in Scott, Saskatchewan in 1936. All apples, crabapples and applecrabs are closely related and can be used to cross pollinate each other.



Height: 20′

Spread: 20′

Light Needs: Full Sun

Hardiness Zone: 2

Foliage Colour: Green

Fall Foliage: Yellow

Growth Habit: Upright, Spreading

Flower Colour: White

Blooms: Spring

Fruit Colour: Yellow, Red Stripes

Fruit Size: 3-4 cm

Fruit Timing: Ripe Late August

Fruit Use: Fresh Eating, Juicing, Canning

Key Features: Edible Fruit (Tart Taste), Spring Blooms

Landscape Uses: Accent, Shade, Orchard

Pollination: Requires a Pollinator