Sunsparkler® Stonecrop



This series of sedums introduced by Chris Hansen were selected for compact growth, attractive coloured foliage, larger flowerheads and brilliant flower colour. Images 3 and 4 courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.

Light Needs: Full Sun │ Blooms: July to September │ Hardiness Zone: 3



Blue ElfSteel blue foliage, dark pink flowers. Height: 3″ NEW

Cherry TartCherry-red foliage, brilliant pink flowers. Height: 4-6″ NEW

DazzleberrySmoky blue-gray foliage with huge 9″ raspberry flowers. Height: 6-8″

Dream Dazzled – Tri-coloured leaves with pink-purple edges. Height: 15″

Firecracker – Rich, plum-purple foliage, soft pink flowers. Height: 6-8″

Lime TwisterBright green leaves edged with cream, pink flowers. Height: 6-8″ 

Plum DazzledDeep plum foliage with large magenta blooms. Height: 6-8″

WildfireShiny red foliage edged with hot pink. Height: 6-8″